Brochures UK

No. Titel Brochures
00  Obel-P Group  
01  HF Press: Window Components – Continous
02  HF Press: Solid Wood Glue Boards – Continous
07  Hot Press: Solid Wood Glue boards - Batch press.  
08  HF Press:  Laminated beams - Batch press.  
09 HF Generators Customized HF Pressing lines.
10 Mechanical Handling Equipment Solid Wood.
11 Cutting, wrapping and stacking line for laminated beams.
12  Windows: Assembly of Fittings and Clips.  
13  Windows: Aluminium and Plastic machining and
14  Windows: Automatic glazing and fitting of
 glass panes.
27  Painting Lines for Windows and Doors  
   Impregnation line for Window components
   Drying Tunnel for windows and doors
   Obel-P Flow Coater