Various customer designed machines and mechanical handling equipment

Complete production line for wall panels

  • infeed for double end tenoning machine
  • turning units
  • conveyors between the machines¨
  • stacking and packing

Lamella sorting/grading lines

Together with our presses we offer various lamella sorting sytems able to sort up to 120 lamellas pr. minute.

Robot handling

Robots for handling components, stacking and destacking. We deliver single robot cells or integrate the robot in our production lines.

Portal robots

  • Portal robots with up to 17 cycles pr. minute
  • Gripping heads, vacuum heads
  • Complete stacking and de-stacking zones

Lay up unit for boards, panels or lamellas

This machines pushes one layer at a time  to and elevator which lowers the layer to a conveyor in front of the next machine. Sticks are removed automatically.

Board turner

  • Dimension according to customer demand
  • 180 degrees turning
  • Speed 30 meter pr. minute
  • Cycle time approx. 10 – 12 seconds.

Board or door turning unit


  • Speed 30 mtr. minute
  • 5-25 cycles pr. minute


  • Integrated panel saw

Magazines for double end tenoning machines

We deliver several types of magazines which are seperate units or magazines which can be fitted directely on the double end tenoning machine.

Fully automatic window frame press

Fully automatic handling of the various components:

  • Glue application
  • Pressing
  • Stapeling
  • Stacking

Portal unit for stacking of laquered boards

This portal unit has been installed behind a lacquering line.

In front of the portal the single boards are accumulated to a layer.

Infeed portal in front of a lacquering line

Installed in front of a lacquering line for boards

Schmalz Vacuum head

Brush for removing the sticks

Various roller conveyors for handling of the incomming stacks

Portal stacking unit

Automatic pallet handling

Schmalz vacuumsystem

12 layers pr. minute

Return conveyor after mouder

2 angle transfer units and manual stacking area.

Portal stacker for Doors

Sizzor portal unit with 2 stacking positions

Vaccum portal feeder in front of moulder

Including stick removing brush

Sorting line behind scanner with stacking for fingerjointer

After the scanner the wood pieces are sorted for quality.

A special centered stacker prepares the stack for later finger jointing

Stacker for fingerjointed 6 mtr. boards

Stacker with forks

Stacking line for doors

The doors are restacked on 2 pallets

Sizzor stacker because of missing hight in the building

Moulding line

  • Layer feeder
  • Feeder for moulder
  • Automatic stacking

Turing unit for stacks

High speed portal unit

18 cycles pr. minute

Line to produce glue board lamellas

  • Moulder feeder
  •   Moulder 80 Mtr. /minute
  •   Fully automatic stacking line

Moulder feeder for 6 meter long boards

  • For the production of window scantlings

Pressing line for the production of window scantlings

  • Moulder feeder for 2 qualities
  •   Hot Press
  •   Automatic vacuum stacker

Stacker for boards

  • 10-20 boards pr. minute depending on length

Profiling line for chip board

Fully automatic line including:

  • Portal feeder for boards
  • Saw for length cut
  • Board turner
  • 2 Homac double end tenoning machines
  • Stacking


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