Packing and labelling solutions

Labelling of gluelam board packed in cardboard boxes

  • Length: 1000-3000 mm
  • Width: 500-1250 mm
  • Thickness: 27-50 mm
  • Application of 4 labels
  • Capacity 3 boards pr. minute
  • Intrex label machines

Automatic line for shrink wrapping of kitchen components

The line consists of:

  • Vacuum portal for feeding the panels to the line.
  • Shrink wrapping line
  • 2 label dispensers
  • Magazin for edge protection sticks
  • Vaccum portal for stacking


  • 10 Cycles pr. minute.

Fully automatic line for shrink wrapping of panels

  • Capacity 90 panels pr. minute
  • The line consists of:
  • Vacuum portal to feed the panels from the stack to the line.
  • Panel stacker
  • Shrink wrapping line
  • Automatic placing of supporting sticks.
  • Vacuum portal for stacking

Line for packing of doors into cardboard boxes

  • 3-4 doors pr. minute

  • Closing of cardboard  boxes with tape and hot melt

  • 2 Label dispensers integrated in the line.

  • Fully automatic feeding and stacking


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